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Business Models

Value Proposition:

The basis of value proposition lies in understanding the product, its core beliefs and its mission. Proper product positioning solely influences the buyers and increases the sales of a company. At eOne Infotech, we are aware of our client’s targets, our competitors’ targets and the difference between the two. This differentiation creates value for your product.

Market Segments:

eOne Infotech specializes in Financial Service Industries, Healthcare, Consumer Products, Energy, Telecom, Education, Manufacturing, and Distribution.

Value Chain Structure:

After market segmentation, it is necessary to create and then maintain the value of a product. eOne Infotech recognizes what is most valuable for you and then stresses its importance and role in the value chain.

Revenue Model:

eOne Infotech’s total revenue growth has been recorded at 40 %. This marks the fourth consecutive year of our revenue growth and profitability. We believe that any costs incurred by the customer must help him achieve his economic goal. It is very important to manage customer revenue and reduce any uneconomical costs. At eOne Infotech, our revenue model addresses strategic objectives in the most cost-efficient manner.

Growth Strategies:

The idea of growth is profit and respectability. For the growth and sustainability of a product, eOne Infotech has expert business architects, who can plan a product’s growth from the base and ensure a strong foundation. They are learners as well as innovators, acquiring new knowledge of the market and the economy. They design winning business models and synergies.