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Onsite Development Process

At eOne Infotech, we follow a systematic approach towards any project whether it is offshore or onsite. The aim is to achieve the best possible results in the least amount of time.
The onsite development process involves five basic steps:


Before we send out a team to the client’s location, we do a preliminary analysis of the project requirements, the number of people needed, their skill sets, the scope, timeframe etc. After the initial analysis, we dispatch a team to the client’s location. The team then does an in-depth analysis of the exact client requirements before moving on to the planning stage.


The Onsite Development team plans the entire project in detail keeping in mind the dynamic nature of the project’s scope and the client’s requirements. The team interacts continuously with the client to plan the structure of the application including the technology to be used, database design, architecture etc.

Designing & Coding

The designing and coding of the application is done by the Onsite Development team during this stage. This is one of the most crucial steps in the development process as it involves a lot of time to get the application ready for use without any bugs and errors.


Once the basic model of the application is ready, a team of quality experts and testers evaluate it. Bugs or errors, if any are fixed and application is handed over to the client for evaluation. Feedback from the client is taken to make ensure that all the requirements are met. The team makes the necessary changes as per the client’s feedback and the application is finally delivered for use.


Considering the dynamic nature of the project and the need for maintenance, a dedicated team is assigned for maintenance of the application. The team trouble-shoots any issues with the software, checks for run-time errors and reports to the project manager on a regular basis. The maintenance team acts as a dedicated helpdesk for the client at its own location.

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